Ibanez XPT700 Electric Guitar Review

When you take one look at the Ibanez XPT700 electric guitar, the first word that comes to mind is, “METAL”. The guitar has a deep double-cutaway, 4-fin body shape plus beveled edges, making it also comfortable to play. The finish adds an awesome touch. It is what’s called a chameleon finish. It changes color depending on the lighting and angle from which it is viewed. How epic is that?

The two DiMarzio pickups deliver tons of clear powerful tone and the Edge III bridge combined with a locking nut gives you awesome divebombing without screwing with your intonation. The sharktooth inlays only add to the awesome ‘metal’ look and feel of the Ibanez XPT700. For the money, you will be hard pressed to find a finer metal guitar.




Ibanez XPT700 Electric Guitar Features:

  • Mahogany body
  • Maple / walnut 5-ply neck
  • Wizzard II thru-neck
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Reverse sharktooth inlays
  • Edge III bridge tremello
  • USA made DiMarzio D Activator Humbuckers
Ibanez XPT700 Electric Guitar Review, 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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  1. Chris_4 says:

    I’ve owned my second hand xiphos now for about 3 months and it has done nothing but impress me every time I pick it up. It’s feel is comparable to a USA Jackson Soloist as far as neck and tone goes. I’ve played just about every high end ibanez/shred guitar in the book and this xiphos is at the top of the list. The pickups are great and the action is second to none. Many people talk about how the the edge 3 is garbage and won’t stay in tune, that’s simply because their guitars are set up incorrectly. I set mine up and it has never gone out of tune, not even budged with the same strings on in 3 months. While this guitar is purpose built for metal, it shines in many styles for people who are just looking for an incredible playing and sounding guitar, and don’t forget, it has to be the coolest looking guitar since the 80′s with the chameleon red paint.

  2. deathwave says:

    To start off I gave this guitar a 9 overall because it’s an amazing guitar but it has two flaws, one of which is just my personal preference. The only thing wrong with this guitar is the balance issue but that can be easily fixed by relocating the strap lock. The second thing is I hate floating trems with a passion, but that’s not to say everyone does you may love them, but in my case I blocked off the trem. After I fixed these 2 issues the guitar was absolutely amazing. The neck is very nice and the action is so low that you can play like nothing. The D Activators sound amazing and I prefer them over actives. Everyone seems to think you need emgs to play metal but they just give you a sterile tone. Overall this guitar looks, sounds, and plays amazing and if you’re even considering it you should definitely buy it.

  3. thefunkmaster says:

    Let me make this simple, pickups are toooo warm and u cant TAP there is some Paint flaws but the color is Coool the string below the low E string on the first fret rings like crazy and they should have put in an Js 1000 style tremblo because I own a Js 1000 and it is much better but other than that the guitar RoXz!

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