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Gibson is especially well known for their electric guitars—solidbody models like the Les Paul, the SG, the Flying V, the Explorer and the Firebird; hollowbody models like the ES-175 and the “bomb” ES-335; as well as high-end archtops such as the L-5 and the Citation.

Gibson ES-175 Reissue Electric Guitar Review

The Gibson ES-175 Electric Guitar, originally debuting in 1949, is the definition of a classic guitar. The body is large, giving it a great tone, yet it is very comfortable. And the stylish pointed cutaway adds a nice visual touch. When it was released, it quickly became the most popular jazz guitar...

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Gibson Explorer Electric Guitar Review

The Gibson Explorer electric guitar is another one of those guitars that has a design that just stands out above the crowd. It has been favored by artists like James Hetfield (Metallica), Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) and The Edge (U2). The Explorer can handle a wide variety of genres. You can play anything...

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Gibson SG Special Electric Guitar Review

Far and away, the Gibson SG Special electric guitar is the ideal combination of features and value in Gibson’s well known SG series. This guitar features the slim mahogany body and a lightning fast neck that have made the SG so popular among artists of all genres, without all of the ‘fancy...

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Epiphone Ltd Ed Wilshire PRO Electric Guitar Review

The original Epiphone Wilshire guitars have been in quite high demand (and costing major $$) lately. Epiphone has responded to the demand and has re-released this classic electric guitar and made it affordable to the masses without losing any of the quality that made the Wilshire electric guitar so popular. The...

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