Gibson ES-175 Reissue Electric Guitar Review

The Gibson ES-175 Electric Guitar, originally debuting in 1949, is the definition of a classic guitar. The body is large, giving it a great tone, yet it is very comfortable. And the stylish pointed cutaway adds a nice visual touch. When it was released, it quickly became the most popular jazz guitar in the world.

This reissue electric guitar features a transparent finish on a laminated maple body. The bindings on the top back and fingerboard, along with the trapeze tailpiece and parallelogram inlays provide a touch of style and class that is unrivaled. Dual ’57 Classic humbucking pickups crank out all the silky smooth jazz tone you could dream of. The Gibson ES-175 is well worth the hefty price tag that goes along with it.




Gibson Custom ES-175 Reissue Electric Guitar Features

  • Laminated maple body
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Parallelogram inlays
  • Dual ’57 Classic humbucking pickups
  • Transparent finish
Gibson ES-175 Reissue Electric Guitar Review, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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  1. Bruce says:

    this guitar is the true jazz box! in the beginning i played only strats and did the hard rock heavy metal thing. this i still love to death, but along the way i learned jazz guitar and this ES-175 was the axe that drew me to the music. its natural sound and pick up delivery has made this box a favorite for back up rhythms and solos. no effects are necessary and this guitar just needs to be plugged in. the action is great and the feel is awesome. no need to be a speed demon or runaway artist on this axe! I tried other brands, but none can compare to the Gibson ES-175. a true jazz guitar for jazz students who continue to learn and for the jazz master who continues to be the humble student. Gibson has made the greatest jazz guitar ever, and there is no rock star fantasies going on in your head when you play one of these. just music. buy this guitar and you will be a better musician in what you do.

  2. Danny Boy says:

    I had my first ES-175 1962, bought from a guy who bought it in 1959 who changed his style to R & R and felt he needed a solid body for that kind of style. There were scratches on the back from his playing while wearing a belt buckle otherwise it was perfect… had that warm tobacco-brown finish. I played mostly dance music, along with a sprinkling of R&R with a local band and it was just perfect for my purpose. I was drafted into Army 1964 & one of the other band mates offered to buy the ES-175 because, as he put it, “you have orders for VietNam & might not come back” (yeah, thanx Vic)…so, I sold it & regretted it ever since. I bought another (used) off EBay in 1994 from a guy who owned it for 5 yrs. but never played it. I won the EBay bid & was really surprised how good the condition of it was when it arrived. I play it all the time…never had to have it set up…the intonation is great..only get a feedback if I sit directly in from of my Fender amp. I would say, that after reading some complaints, take it back to the dealer and have THEM send it back to Gibson for any issues…same as if you buy a car…got a problem? Take it back to where you got it from. I bought a Stratocaster years ago that, no matter what I did, could not get the intonation correct. So, there are good and bad…got a problem? Don’t whine about it here or anywhere else, take it back unless you are too lazy to do anything about it and just want to bad-mouth the product.

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