Fender Deluxe Players Stratocaster Electric Guitar Review

This gorgeous Fender Stratocaster give you a classic ‘Strat’ sound and feel in a nice looking package. The Deluxe strat has been upgraded with American-made Vintage Noisless pickups, medium-jumbo frets as well as a 12″ neck radius. As a result, the tone is amazing and it plays smooth.

Along with the standard toggle switch, a push button switch is available for toggling pickups, giving you 7 pickup combinations. The ash body, though very easy on the eyes, is a bit heavy for a strat.




Fender Deluxe Players Stratocaster Electric Guitar Features:

  • 12″ Neck Radius
  • 21 Medium-jumbo Frets
  • Gold Plated Hardware
  • 3 Vintage Noisless single-coil pickups
  • Push button pickup selector
Fender Deluxe Players Stratocaster Electric Guitar Review, 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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  1. Warrior Mike says:

    I had my deluxe strat for about 4 and a half years. It holds up great and couldnt ask for anything better. I found the sound to be a bit week and twangy which comes in handy for allot of things. With an MXR 10 band EQ I can pretty much get a sound almost as full as my Gibson SG. I do rock but dont want that drive all the time so in certain situations the bridge pickup alone makes a great sound. It is perfect for recording and gets as much playing time as its american siblings.

  2. Drake9 says:

    This guitar is everything promised. I’ve owned this since January and have been completely satisfied. I was surprised at how easy it is to play and impressed with the condition it arrived. The only problem was I had to wait as it was out of stock when I ordered.

  3. Robert says:

    I’ve had mine couple months. I always wanted a Strat to compliment my Les Pauls. I decided on this one. First off, let me say this is a good value for the money spent. I got a maple neck version, and the neck is fantastic. Smooth, fast and easy to play. The body has a finish blemish right above the middle pickup, which besides being very irritating for a brand new never played guitar, is unsightly. The pickups are really quiet, as in no hum, but very poor output. My gear is set up for my Les Pauls, which admittedly has hot pickups, and when I switch to this guitar, (which I run with all controls full open) I have to turn the volume up…… alot! I love the way it feels and plays, but the pickups will be the first thing to go, as they just don’t have much output. I was hoping to get a full Fender clean tone out of this. I think with the right pickups, I stll can. I will probably end up installing the “Hot” version of the noiseless pickups. Other than that, I’d say buy it!

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