Fender American Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar Review

The Fender American Standard Telecaster electric guitar is a special axe. This Tele has American Series pickups and deluxe hardware. The body (ash or alder) is made to the exact dimensions of the original ’52 model, yet delivers more resonance and tone. The modernized C shaped maple neck features rolled edges and highly finished frets for easier playability. The custom staggered tuning machines remove the need for one of the string trees and the staggered pole pieces in the pickups provide and even output across all strings.

The new American Standard Telecaster again proves Fender’s traditon of commitment to their fans worldwide. Today’s American Standard Telecaster guitars are worthy heirs of their revered ancestors—mindful of player needs and taking full advantage of modern advances, yet remaining completely true to the elements and spirit that made these instruments legendary in the first place.



Fender American Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar Features:

  • Alnico V pickups
  • Deluxe hardware
  • Solid alder or ash body
  • Modern C-shaped neck
  • Highly finished frets
  • Detailed nut work
  • Rosewood or maple fretboard
  • Staggered machine heads
Fender American Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. Desert Blues says:

    This thing makes you want to play and play. I had a lesser Tele some time ago and it just did not do anything for me. I started playing in a country combo and the Les Paul sound wasn’t getting it did. I went the extra bucks and got this one and man talk about bang for the buck. If you can’t find a voice you like on this guitar then somethings wrong. The spread on the tone knob is unreal. The neck melts in your hand. If you are sitting on the fence because of a few dollars just do it.

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